Talk Show Host Jimmy Fallon Was A Computer Science Major

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Fact: Host of The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon, originally went to school in computer science but only got as far as C++, stating that mathematics were getting too tough (ha ha). He would later change majors and graduate from The College of Saint Rose in Communications. If he were majoring in computer science right now, he would go amiss without a laptop for programmers.

He was shy of his computer science degree by 15 credits when he decided to jump ship. At a young age, Fallon impressed his parents with the numerous impressions he could do. In fact, that was originally what Fallon was known for in the very early career, his impersonations. The very first impersonation was of James Cagney and would also impersonate Dana Carvey. The people around him sought so much for young Jimmy Fallon stand up comedy that under his middle school photo was written, “Most likely to take over David Letterman.”


Jimmy Fallons response,

“I want to go to the race track with this teacher,”

While attending The College of Saint Rose, Jimmy dropped out a few classes short of graduation to pursue a career in comedy, but would later receive his B.A. in Communications and another honorary degree from the school post commencement. In 1999, Fallon was recognized by Saturday Night Live television show for the same thing his parents thought would land him a career, impersonations.

Lastly, Jimmy became the host of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in 2014. He would fulfill his lifelong dream on February 14, 2014, just behind being a father.