Jeremy Allen White Went To Culinary School: A Preparation For “The Bear”

Fact: Jeremy Allen White went to culinary school for “The Bear” TV show to bring authenticity and training for his role as Carmy, but illuminate what a real restaurant can look like.

Jeremy Allen White, an accomplished actor known for his role as Lip Gallagher in the hit TV series “Shameless,” is not only talented on the screen but also in the kitchen. In preparation for his role in the television show “The Bear,” Jeremy took a two-week intensive cooking course, alongside Ayo Edebiri, to enhance their culinary skills. 

Jeremy Allen White went to culinary school, a decision to enroll in a two-week cooking course was a testament to his dedication to his craft and his willingness to immerse himself fully in the roles he portrays. The course took place at a reputable culinary institute, where he received hands-on training from professional chefs. Throughout the program, Jeremy learned various cooking techniques, knife skills, kitchen management, and how to prepare exquisite dishes from different cuisines.


jeremy allen white's culinary training for acting


The day he started culinary school, he told Variety, him and Ayo Edebiri immediately,

“When we started at culinary school, we were instantly almost competitive with one another which was very, very weird.”

At this point in time, the both of them didn’t know one another yet but were excited for the show.  And so, this rivalry positive competitiveness blossomed.

“We didn’t really know each other. We’d met and we were excited to do the show, and then this quiet competition started to sort of impress our teacher. It was odd but worked for the show.”

But as many people have heard or know, culinary school is no joke. Jeremy had a rude awakening when talking about his experience with ET,

“It was like a rude awakening the first couple days at culinary school. I just started looking at every restaurant at any level, whether it’s a sandwich shop, pizza place, Michelin star place, they’re all miracles. It’s just so difficult to open and keep open.”

Jeremy Allen White was not prepared without certain people in his corner. The Bear TV show culinary preparation would have been futile if it was not for “The Institute of Culinary Education” (ICE) was the education Jeremy Allen received along with Ayo. Without it, they wouldn’t have the level of knowledge they did trying to make the show what it turned out to be. There is a dance between cooking and acting. 

“I couldn’t have gotten into ‘The Bear’ or gone into the environment that I went into without ICE. I was really clueless — and that’s not me being modest or humble — I had no experience in the kitchen at all.”

jeremy allen white went to culinary school

Chef K with Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri

In a conversation with, he stated that going into the experience, he realized that Ayo was much more prepared than him.

The purpose behind Jeremy Allen White cooking school experience was to ensure Jeremy convincingly portrayed the character he played in “The Bear,” whose role involved working in a high-end restaurant kitchen. By undergoing this intensive culinary training, Jeremy aimed to grasp the nuances of a chef’s life and gain insight into the culinary world to make his performance more authentic and relatable to the audience.

In “The Bear,” Jeremy Allen White stars alongside a talented ensemble cast, which includes esteemed actors and actresses, as well as professional chefs. The show revolves around the lives of the staff working at a renowned restaurant, exploring their personal and professional struggles in the culinary world.

Post the culinary training, White spent on to workstations at Dave Beran’s one-Michelin-starred French bistro, Pasjoli, in Santa Monica. After working in such a kitchen, White had a totally different perspective,

“The way that I look at kitchens, especially at Pasjoli’s level and the level that students at ICE aspire to is like a performance. It’s not just one cook making a meal and presenting it, you’re working together, you want the environment to be right and you’re performing for your customer or your audience.”

the bear tv show culinary preparation


On set, Jeremy had the privilege of working with accomplished actors and chefs, who generously shared their expertise and culinary wisdom. Among his cooking partners was a mix of seasoned actors, up-and-coming talents, and real-life culinary experts, creating a dynamic environment for both learning and creativity.

One of the most notable aspects of Jeremy Allen White’s culinary training for acting experiences on “The Bear” was the collaborative atmosphere behind the scenes. The show’s creators and producers wanted to ensure an authentic representation of the restaurant industry, and they encouraged the actors to actively engage in the culinary world both on and off-screen.

Jeremy embraced this opportunity wholeheartedly, discussing his character’s development with the chefs, exploring their perspectives, and exchanging stories about their experiences in the restaurant industry. This collaboration not only improved Jeremy’s culinary skills but also enriched the character he portrayed, adding layers of realism to his performance.

Beyond the two-week cooking course and the filming of “The Bear,” Jeremy Allen White’s passion for cooking didn’t end. Inspired by his time in the culinary world, he continued to explore different cuisines and experiment with cooking techniques in his personal life. His newfound appreciation for the art of cooking became a cherished hobby, and he frequently shared his culinary adventures on social media.

Jeremy Allen White’s acting on the tv show The Bear was less important than the dedication to honing his craft and immersing himself in the world of cooking exemplifies his commitment to the roles he plays on screen. By taking a two-week cooking course and collaborating with professional chefs on the set of “The Bear,” he added authenticity and depth to his character’s portrayal, making the show even more captivating for its viewers. Beyond the show, Jeremy’s culinary journey continues as he continues to explore the delights of the kitchen and share his passion with fans worldwide.



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