Halloween 1978 Full Movie Pays Homage to Alfred Hitchcock

Fact: Jamie Lee Curtis was hired to start in Halloween 1978 Full Movie as a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

While casting for the film Halloween, John Carpenter took note that Janet Leigh’s daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis had auditioned for the part of Laurie Strode. Considering Hitchcock a legend and Psycho as an early slasher great, Carpenter gave the role to Curtis as tribute to the legendary director and film.

Carpenter filmed the movie during the spring of 1978 in only 20 days. Curtis at the time thought she was doing a terrible job and was concerned that Carpenter had given up on her and that was the reason why filming was going so quickly. However, the truth was that as a true professional and spot on acting, she helped to simplify the films process.

The film itself is an independent film that went on to become a highly successful franchise. With a budget of $300,000 it is also the highest grossing independent film at the time making $47 Million at the Box Office.

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