20th Year Return For Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween H20

Fact:  A Horror Film Tribute was set for celebrating the 20 year reunion of the original Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween.

Jamie Lee Curtis agreed to return to the franchise 20 years after the original film to follow up on her character Laurie Strode. This is the only Michael Myers film in the franchise to take place outside of Haddonfield and instead is at a private school in California.

In addition to being a franchise filled tribute, the film features Janet Leigh next to her car with the original plate from Psycho as the theme from Psycho plays as she is leaving the school for the day.  

Scream 2 is shown on the televisions in the girl’s bedroom and a reference to Halloween is made on the film. In the original script, How I Married an Axe Murderer was playing and a reference to comedian Michael Myers sharing the name with the masked killer is made. In the film, “Go down the street to the Becker’s” is a tribute line between the original film’s memorable lines at the end, with a nod to Scream. There are 10 lines from the original film that made it into Halloween H20 movie.

In the original script, the film was Halloween 7 and took place in a Haddonfield boarding school and was set to be released direct to video. Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween asked about the script, gave her idea of revisiting Laurie 20 years later and the film was green lit for theaters. However for the film’s continuity to work, Kevin Williamson’s references to the Haddonfield Murders as part of a project talking about the films after Halloween 2 had to be cut, otherwise Laurie would be presumed dead.

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