In Thor Ragnarok ‘He’s A Friend From Work’ Came From A ‘Make-A-Wish’ Child Visiting That Day

Fact: In Thor Ragnarok ‘He’s a friend from work’ phrase was improvised by Chris Hemsworth after a remarkable suggestion came from an unlikely source—a Make-A-Wish child that so happened to be on set that day.

thor ragnarok he's a friend from work

Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, took the Marvel Cinematic Universe by storm with its fresh and comedic approach. One particular line from the movie stood out and became an instant fan favorite: “He’s a friend from work.” Uttered by Thor during a crucial battle scene, the line perfectly encapsulated the film’s blend of humor and adventure. 

Before we can appreciate the significance of the line, let’s take a step back and look at the character of Thor himself. Throughout the MCU, Thor has been portrayed as a stoic and mighty Asgardian prince. However, his character underwent a significant transformation leading up to Thor Ragnarok. Director Taika Waititi sought to revitalize the character by infusing him with a newfound sense of humor and self-awareness.

Marvel Studios has often allowed its actors to contribute their own ideas and improvisations to the scripts. This approach helps in creating genuine moments and enhancing the on-screen chemistry. For Thor Ragnarok, Waititi encouraged improvisation and collaborative input from the cast, fostering an environment where spontaneity thrived.

Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Thor, embraced the opportunity to explore the humorous side of the character. He was eager to inject more levity into Thor’s personality, breaking away from the traditional stoicism. Hemsworth collaborated closely with Waititi to develop comedic moments, building upon the script’s foundation and infusing them with his own wit and charm.

thor he's a friend from work

During the production of Thor Ragnarok, the scene in question involved Thor battling a massive gladiator known as “The Hulk” in the Grandmaster’s arena. The moment required a quick-thinking, humorous line to underscore the unexpected reunion between the two Avengers. As the scene was being filmed, a remarkable suggestion came from an unlikely source—a Make-A-Wish child on set.

In an extraordinary and heartwarming gesture, a young Thor Make A Wish participant visited the set of Thor Ragnarok. While on set, the young fan had the chance to meet Chris Hemsworth and witness the filming process. Eager to engage with the enthusiastic visitor, Hemsworth asked the child for suggestions on how to make the scene even more exciting. It was during this conversation that the line “He’s a friend from work” was suggested.

The line resonated with Hemsworth and the production team. It captured the essence of the scene while injecting it with unexpected humor. Recognizing its potential, the line was included in the final cut of the film. Audiences worldwide reacted positively to the delivery and context of the line, highlighting its seamless integration into the larger narrative of Thor Ragnarok.

he's a friend from work

he’s a friend from work

Thor Hes a friend from work quickly became a cultural phenomenon, celebrated by fans and embraced as an iconic moment in the MCU. The line symbolizes the collaborative spirit of filmmaking and the power of spontaneous creativity. It also stands as a testament to Marvel’s commitment to engaging with its audience, even in the midst of an awe-inspiring battle sequence.

The line “Hes a friend from work” from Thor Ragnarok serves as a shining example of the magic that can happen on a film set. What started as a conversation with a Make-A-Wish child evolved into a hilarious and memorable moment that fans will cherish for years to come. This delightful collaboration between Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi, and an unexpected source showcases the importance of embracing improvisation, humor, and the joy of filmmaking.

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