The Taylor Swift Saturday Night Live ‘My Monologue Song’

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Fact: Taylor Swift is the first host on Saturday Night Live to write her own monologue entitled, “My Monologue Song.” Normally, the ‘Saturday Night Live’ writers take care of the celebrity host’s monologue.

The song took jabs at Joe Jonas and Kanye West. It also pokes fun at the things people notice about all of her songs. She also hinted to the fact that she could be dating Taylor Lautner from ‘Twilight’. That being said, during the “Monologue Song” she had a hard time seeing because Taylor is nearly blind. Like most people, she wears contacts but said she got disoriented during the taping of the show. Click here if you want to stay up to date with all the juiciest celebrity news you can get your hands on.

If you look closely at her hand during the taping of the SNL, you will notice a number 13. She inks herself with the number as it is her lucky number. The thought of actually getting a tattoo terrifies her and couldn’t possibly think about marking herself permanently.