The Jeff Cohen Chunk Truffle Shuffle From 1985 ‘The Goonies’ Was Not Scripted

Fact: The memorable Goonies Truffle Shuffle performed by Chunk was not originally scripted. Actor Jeff Cohen, who portrayed Chunk, came up with the dance on the spot during auditions. 


Jeff Cohen Chunk The Goonies

Jeff Cohen Chunk ‘The Goonies’


“The Goonies,” the beloved 1985 adventure-comedy film, is filled with memorable moments that have endeared it to audiences for generations. Among these, one scene stands out as an iconic and endearing display of humor and self-acceptance—the Truffle Shuffle. Actor Jeff Cohen brought the character of Chunk to life through this unforgettable dance.

The Truffle Shuffle, a dance performed by the character Lawrence “Chunk” Cohen, was not part of the original script. During the auditions, actor Jeff Cohen, known for his enthusiastic personality, ad-libbed the dance as a way to make his fellow cast members laugh. Chunk’s backstory of being the lovable, clumsy member of the Goonies inspired Cohen to create a distinctive moment that would reflect the character’s endearing quirks.

Director Richard Donner was so taken aback by Cohen’s improvisation that he immediately knew it had to be part of the film. Cohen’s comedic timing and willingness to embrace Chunk’s physicality made the Truffle Shuffle an instant hit, embodying the character’s charm and vulnerability.



Although the Truffle Shuffle was initially an impromptu moment, Cohen and Donner worked together to refine the dance for the final film. They wanted Chunk’s performance to strike the perfect balance between humorous and heartfelt, highlighting Chunk’s insecurities while emphasizing his unyielding spirit.

With the assistance of a choreographer, Cohen crafted the Truffle Shuffle to maximize its comedic impact. The dance involves a belly shake, accompanied by Chunk lifting up his shirt and exposing his well-rounded belly to the audience. Cohen’s commitment to the physicality and energy of the dance brought an extra layer of authenticity to the character and solidified Chunk’s place in cinematic history.

The Truffle Shuffle quickly became one of the most memorable and referenced moments from “The Goonies.” It resonated with audiences due to its relatability, as Chunk embraced his body with unapologetic self-acceptance, inspiring viewers to do the same.

Jeff Cohen’s portrayal of Chunk and his iconic dance left an indelible mark on pop culture. The Truffle Shuffle has been imitated and parodied countless times in television shows, movies, and even in other forms of media. The dance has become a symbol of joyful self-expression and has found its way into the collective memory of fans worldwide.


goonies truffle shuffle


Beyond the initial impact, Cohen’s performance as Chunk in “The Goonies” had a lasting influence on his own life. While the Truffle Shuffle brought him recognition, Cohen faced the challenge of being typecast. However, he ultimately embraced his experience and leveraged it as a springboard for personal growth and success.

Cohen transitioned from acting to a career in law, becoming an entertainment lawyer and co-founding the Cohen & Gardner LLP law firm. He continued to embrace his connection to “The Goonies,” participating in cast reunions and events related to the film. Cohen has also used his platform to advocate for positive body image and to encourage individuals to accept themselves for who they are.

The Truffle Shuffle, Jeff Cohen’s iconic dance as Chunk in “The Goonies,” is a testament to the film’s enduring legacy. Cohen’s improvisation and commitment to the character brought an authentic and lovable quality to Chunk, resonating with audiences for decades. The Truffle Shuffle has become a symbol of self-acceptance and joyful expression, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture. Jeff Cohen’s portrayal of Chunk and his iconic dance continue to remind us of the power of embracing our unique qualities and finding joy in our own skin. This film birthed  Ke Huy Quan child acting career where he would go on to act with those like Brendan Fraser The Mummy.


Jeff Cohen ‘Chunk’s’ Truffle Shuffle from “The Goonies”


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