Exciting Facts About the Animation Movie, “Frozen”

Fact: Idina Menzel Originally Auditioned for Tangled

Idina Menzel was chosen to do the voice for Elsa in the movie. However, she originally auditioned for Tangled, which was a previous Disney animated film. She was not chosen to be the voice of Rapunzel, but the casting director saved her audition recording. She was then called to be the voice of Elsa for Frozen.

Filmmakers Observed a Real Reindeer

Filmmakers wanted to make sure they could recreate the real mannerisms and physical makeup of a reindeer, since they had to create Sven, who was Kristoff’s buddy. They brought a real reindeer to the Walt Disney Animation Studios and observed. One observation specifically used in the film was the way the reindeer used his back legs to scratch his ears.

Prince Hans Was Named for Hans Christian Anderson

Many people are unaware that Frozen was actually based upon a fairy tale called “The Snow Queen,” which was written by Hans Christian Anderson. Anderson is a well-known Danish poet and wrote other fairy tales, including “The Little Mermaid,” “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “The Red Shoes.” As a tribute to the writer, they named one of the characters Prince Hans.

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