The Sex Tape Film Used Fake Name for Filming Location

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Fact: The film, The Sex Tape, had to use a fake title to secure filming locations due to the nature of the films name. It caused concerns that an adult film like those on was being produced.

While attempting to secure locations for filming, the production crew found that the title, ‘Sex Tape’ caused concerns that an adult film was being produced and they were being declined necessary shots. As you can imagine, the title did seem to suggest that the resulting film might be destined for an appearance on an adult website such as TubeV Sex. To solve the problem, they changed the title to, Basic Math, during the production schedule and finished filming the movie before returning back to the original title. The fact that the film had to operate under a different name is a damning indictment of how sexually obtuse society has become. Would I be frowned upon for searching escort Zurich too?

Many of the shots for the film were going to be directed in a school auditorium, but the School Committee member Karen Kanowski shut it down due to the original title of the movie, “Sex Tape.” This occurred in many of the locations the crew planned on shooting in, so they changed the name to Basic Math. Which leads us to wonder how actual adult sites like secure their filming sites, because as many of you know, some film sets are in some very high profile and surprising locations.