The True History Behind Chris Kyle And The American Sniper Movie

Fact: American Sniper Chris Kyle actually shot a young boy who was carrying a hand grenade. Chris struggles with the notion that his very first confirmed kill came at the hands of a child.

Not many people know just exactly how many individuals were killed at the hands of Chris Kyle. To date, Chris Kyle confirmed kills comes to 160. Prior to Chris Kyle enlisting in the navy and thus becoming a Navy SEAL, he was actually a bull rider. He recalls the last day in which he was a bull rider written in his memoirs. His career ended when he was knocked off a bronco and was dragged until he passed out. That occurrence among others left him pins within his wrist.

What occurred during that operation was that Kyle was protecting the seals on the ground. When a child rounds the corner with a grenade in hand, although Kyle is unable to truly confirm that it was at the time, he had to make the decision to kill the child or risk having his family blown up. The story grows from there.

Prior to Kyle joining the Navy, what actually is depicted within the movie is completely accurate. Kyle does meet Taya, in which, she does throw up on the date. Their courtship moves rather quickly and they get married prior to him leaving.

While on his first tour, Kyle heard about a man by the name of Moustafa. He made a name for himself when it was heard he had accurately hit targets from a little over 800 meters. Snipers would be well known for their distance ability. It took Kyle a couple tours but believed to have taken him out. Although there are rumors he is still alive. Kyle never makes mention of Moustafa in his book. When asked about it, he states that, “He shot my friend. I’m not going to put his name in my book.”

The character, “the butcher” was never mentioned in Chris Kyle autobiography. The character was added to created a dramatic arc. Many people do not know what happened to Chris Kyle since the movie. Sadly, he passed away Feb. 2, 2013 from a troubled kid suffering from PTSD on a shooting range in Texas.

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