Movie Actor Bruce Willis A Mild Successful Singing Career

Fact: Bruce Willis once had a moderately successful singing career. After releasing the album The Return of Bruno, one of his songs “Respect Yourself” hit #5 on the billboards.

While best known for his larger-than-life action persona, Bruce Willis also had a moderately successful singing career. In 1980s he released two albums and contributed 4 soundtrack songs during the height of his career.┬áDuring the release of the internationally known action film Die Hard, Willis was already extremely popular for his work on the television show Moonlighting and his recently released album, The Return of Bruno; where one of his songs, “Respect Yourself” hit #5 on the billboards.

While the artist is the same as the individual, in Bruce Willis’ case, he had an alter ego, a blues singer named Bruno Radolini. If this doesn’t get much weirder, trust me, it does. Additionally, there was a fake HBO documentary that bolstered his album. And when you think it can’t go much further… Willis made a deal with Seagram’s Golden Wine Coolers. This is what he had to say to Sharon Stone.

Bruce: Why not try something you’ve never had before?
Sharon: Is that a line?
Bruce: No, it’s a drink. Seagram’s Golden Wine Cooler. It’s wet, it’s dry, it’s new, and it’s Seagram’s!

That’s him hitting on Stone. Below is the 30 second wine cooler commercial.

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