Anna Faris Has Quite The Collection Hobby Just Like Chris Pratt

Fact: Anna Faris was not only a Playboy house bunny but was a huge bug collector just like her hubby Chris Pratt. She reportedly stated, “I started to cry,” she said. “I met the man of my dreams.” After viewing Pratt’s bug collection.

At a very young age, Anna Faris never really wanted to be an actor, that wasn’t the main goal in her life. But at the same time, would produce plays with kids in her neighborhood. Faris grew up in Baltimore, Maryland where her first paid job was at the Seattle Repertory Theatre at age nine. Most people know that Anna Faris was a playboy house bunny in her younger years and is a natural blonde, but she doesn’t come close to carrying that stereotype… (She works it when she wants).

What makes this story really cool is that she is married to Chris Pratt who also had a dead bug collection as a child. Whether this is actually true or was used as a ploy to gain Mrs. Faris, we just don’t know (sarcasm). No to people just come together that so happen to have dead bug collections, so without a doubt this topic of discussion was a centerfold for the two in getting to know one another. In fact, when Chris first was getting to know Anna, he brought her over to his apartment. This is what she had to say about this encounter about Chris Pratt and Anna Faris,

“I had a bug collection and when Chris and I first started dating he invited me over to his apartment, and he also had a bug collection…I started to cry,” she said. “I met the man of my dreams. We both have dead bug collections.”
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