Hugh Grant Actor Has An Arrest Record

Fact: A “mug shot” of Hugh Grant is on the cover of “Mug Shots: Celebrities Under Arrest” a paperback tell-all, circa 1996. Police arrested Grant in June 1995 for doing the naughty in his car, with the prostitute, Divine Brown. Grant pleaded “no contest” and received a fine of $1,180 and two year’s summary probation.

In April 2007, Grant had an altercation with Ian Whittaker, photographer where he allegedly hurled a tub of baked beans at the man. There were also claims that Grant kicked the photographer. The Crown Prosecution Service declined to prosecute due to conflicting information.

It shouldn’t be shocking that Hugh Grant reacted in this manner, as he has remarked about the media, “I do, kind of, want to ram their microphones down their patronizing throats.



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