The Height Problem With Shooting With Neil Flynn

Fact: Everyone that knows Neil Flynn or are fans are always asking, “How tall is Neil Flynn?” Flynn towers over most actors at 6’ 5”. Shots with Neil are difficult to film because of his height.

The result is distance shots with other characters, or having them step on stools to ensure that both can appear comfortably in a shot, without it causing too much of a distraction for viewers. Prior to making it big in comedy, most of the roles that Neil had was as a police office in films thanks to his rough appearance and his large stature.

Flynn plays the role as the janitor from scrubs, yet never has the Scrubs janitor name of the character been revealed. While it is speculated that his name is in fact, “Josh” because of the discussion he has with Dr. Cox later in the series, he admits this is based on the facts given to the doctor, all of which are half-truths. Dr. Cox was also the role that Neil auditioned on the show before being cast as the Janitor in Scrubs. Instead of going on the spinoff of Scrubs, he decided to appear on the successful ABC sitcom, The Middle.


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