Two Deaths Occurred Onset In The Night At The Museum

Fact: Two major actors in the film ended up dying during post production of the Night At the Museum.

The now eerily dark title of, Night at the Museum 3 Secret of the Tomb takes on a darker meaning now that two of the main actors in the film have died in the last year. One of which is arguably one of the most shocking Hollywood deaths to have occurred in recent years.

On April 6, 2014 Mickey Rooney died of natural causes in his home. Playing the character Gus in the franchise, the actor managed to film all of his required scenes prior to his death. A legendary actor, his legacy was one that truly will live on.

Then on August 11, 2014 it was reported that Robin Williams had committed suicide in his home in California. The news shocked fans and some even pointed out the eerie coincidence of the actor’s death’s being 4 months apart with the film being released 4 months after Robin’s death. In regards to his passing, Mike Reyes mentions Shawn Levy, Robin Williams, and Ben Stiller,

“end the film with an emotional finale that closes out the series in a bittersweet manner.” 

Above is the Night at the Museum trailer.

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