Lead Guitarist Of British Rock Music Band ‘Queen’ An Astrophysicist

Fact: The lead guitarist of the British rock band Queen Brian May is voted the number two guitarist in history. Also, he has a noted doctorate in astrophysics.

One of the most amazing stories of all time is the story of the band Queen. Billed in several different genres at different times, Queen was called electronic, rock and even alternative music. The music is well known around the world and the band has been honored numerous times. One of the more standout individuals that was a key in the success of the band was lead guitarist, Brian May. Prior to the stardom, Brian May had high hopes in his educational prowess in astrophysics. He pursued his educational vocation in 1971.

What makes Brian May such a great story is that he decided to leave a very honored academic career to pursue his music. Brian May graduated with honors at the Imperial College of London in physics and studied interplanetary dust and light reflection. More than thirty years after beginning his research, he completed a thesis in 2007 to earn his PhD. Today, Brian May has been honored with meeting the NASA team ‘New Horizons,’ which is a group solely responsible with helping the world gain better understanding of our solar system. This has led to new discoveries including the infamous ninth planet, and better images of our distant dwarf Pluto. He plans to become a New Horizons science collaborator.

But because he decided to drop out of his education to pursue a life of rock music, Brian May has assisted in the creation of some of the most well known hit rock songs such as: “We Will Rock You”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and “Another One Bites The Dust.” Brian May basically was a triple threat.

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