Prior To Music Some Goldfrapps Musicians Were Cab Drivers

Fact: Some of the Goldfrapps musicians actually were cab drivers.

It’s common sense that most of the singers, guitarists and other people associated with music had other jobs at some point in time. Some of them are uniquely interesting while others just make you go hmmm. Quite a few were cab drivers, others were teachers and some were even scientists, while others had some interesting second jobs that involved what they do best.

For example, electronic music duet, Goldfrapps musicians lead vocalist, and the person for whom the band is named, Alison Goldfrapp sang songs for a children’s show and not just any children’s show. The Old Bear Stories, which show won a BAFTA award and ran for more than five years in the United Kingdom had the theme song sung by Alison Goldfrapp. The show ran daily in the United Kingdom from 1993 through most of 1997.


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