EDM Musicians Daft Punk Always Use Signature Helmets In Concerts

Fact: French EDM musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter will not perform live without their signature Daft Punk helmets.

You might know them as the weird spaceman looking Duo from the bar scene in Tron, or maybe you might have heard a little hit from 2013 called Get Lucky, or their other collaborations with Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. Well even if you’re one of the millions of fans of Daft Punk, you’ve probably never seen what they look like. This electronic duo are so protective of their image that in the past they digitally manipulated their press photos, or opted to be represented as animated characters instead.

What originally started as a mask against shyness became Daft Punk’s whole persona. The group tends to get creative with their helmet designs and you can see images of them over the years in anything from their original silver and gold helmets, to authentic Return of The Jedi era Stormtrooper helmets at a recent Grammy awards ceremony. Another one of the reasons that the duo chose to disguise their faces was because they never wanted the focus to be removed from their music, so they got the idea that robotic masks would be a good way to avoid being humanly represented.

Whether this worked or not (the masks became their persona anyway), it doesn’t seem like any of their fans failed to take notice of the music, and with 6 Grammy awards from 12 nominations, and a treasure trove of other honors from around the world, it seems their peers haven’t either.


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