Pierce Brosnan Is A Real Fire Eater Extraordinaire

Fact: Pierce Brosnan became a professional fire eater in his teens and performed under the big top for three years. Brosnan demonstrated his fire eating skills in a 1982 episode of Remington Steele, titled High Flying Steele.

In 1969, he went to an acting workshop where he ran into a fire eating instructor teaching trailing tricks to women. He used those skills to create his very own circle show. he was noticed by a circus agent who picked him up for a 3 year stint. It may have been his first push into show business.

He suffered burn-back blisters during an episode of The Muppets, after the prop guy used white gas instead of kerosene. According to Brosnan,

“I was in the tuxedo. The prop guy was there and he said, ‘This (other) stuff is great. It doesn’t taste of anything, you don’t smell it.’ I went, ‘This is good. I’ll try this.” It was like rocket fuel. I blew it, it all came back into my mouth and my mouth blew up. I had blisters for the rest of the show.” – Quotation Credit


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