Natalie Portman Harvard ‘Who Says Pretty Can’t be Smart?’

Fact: Natalie Portman Harvard is a published author whose papers have been featured in two scientific journals.

The star of Black Swan, Star Wars, V for Vendetta and Closer is sometimes called a “secret celebrity nerd” because she studied psychology at Harvard University and even participated in a high scale neuropsychology study. At the conclusion of the experiment, Portman published two papers on the subject of frontal lobe activation in young subjects. One of the papers was published in Neuroimage journal and it has been cited by researchers a number of times.

On top of that, the professional Natalie Portman is fluent in four languages – English, French, Hebrew and Japanese. She has several times stated in interviews that she could potentially quit her acting career to become a vet or a psychologist. Considered a very gifted student at Harvard, Portman could probably launch a stellar scientific career but we think that Hollywood is going to lose a lot because of such a professional change.

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