Our Damn Civic Duty Is Required For The Best ‘Super Troopers 2’ Movie

Fact: Although ‘Broken Lizard’ has already raised over $2 Million, they will need upwards of $7 Million to produce and release the movie that was intended for the audience.

The fact of the matter is the cast of the first Super Troopers movie (2001) from ‘Broken Lizard’ needed $2 Million to make a sequel, and it did just that. But to be honest, it is simply not enough. It’s not that the movie will not be funny or be shown in theaters but the fact that the ‘Broken Lizard’ comedy group (Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske), whom also wrote and starred in (1) Beerfest, (2) Club Dread, and (3) The Slammin’ Salmon, need the money to create the scenes and additional characters to make the movie what it was intentionally meant to be. If there were a group of individuals most deserving to receive the money they so deserve to create the movie they envision, it is this group of actors.

Just look back at their repertoire. All of their past movies are stupidly hilarious. They have created one liners that could stand for quite some time. And it is quite shocking as a side note that they didn’t receive studio funding. Why? Regardless, it is the best thing that could have happened for Broken Lizard because they can create the movie they envisioned without restrictions. FOX stated that if the money is raised, they agreed to distribute it to movie theaters. Now the more people that show their interest in the movie by donating, also shows to the FOX company that people still love the shenanigans and increases chances of wider release.

Furthermore, Indiegogo (a crowd funding internet company) created the crowd funding internet game that Broken Lizard is using to raise money. What incentivizes someone to fund a project? Sometimes they just like the project or like to know they helped make it happen. But sometimes, people like incentives. Indiegogo created what was called ‘perks.’ Perks are little incentives that funders can opt for after giving money to a project (the project will create the perks). In the case of the Super Troopers 2 project, people can basically pre-order their tickets to the movie or get other cool perks pending on the amount of money they give. The movie has raised the funds necessary to make an “okay” movie. We all want a kickass movie. Please do your God damn civic duty and donate here: Super Troopers 2 Indiegogo



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