House M.D. (2004- 2012): Modern Medicine is Far Beyond Ben Casey, M.D.

Fact: Executive producer Bryan Singer was delighted by the audition of Hugh Laurie for the starring role of Dr. Gregory House in “House M.D.” because Laurie was a wonderful example of a typical American guy.

British actor Hugh Laurie won the part of Dr. Gregory House, even after producer David Shore explained to Singer that Laurie was British, not American. The unconventional tactics of House, certified in both nephrology and infectious disease, surprised even the man who assumed the role. His first read of the script did not indicate such a person could be the star of a potentially successful medical series. Laurie felt perhaps Dr. Wilson, played by Robert Sean Leonard, was more suited for the lead of the series.

“House” won TV Program of The Year in the AFI Awards, USA (2006). The creation of this TV medical show displays the reality of doctors reacting to modern challenges of trial and error medicine, because all the answers have not yet been discovered or learned. Multitudes of nominations and awards for the series are legend. Producer Shore won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series with “Three Stories”.

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