James Franco Interned With Lockheed Martin As A Child

Fact: James Franco’s upbringing was “academic, liberal and largely secular.” His parents met at Stanford and his father went to Harvard business school. His mathematical mind led him to intern at Lockheed Martin.

The true story James Franco was that he was a gifted younger man with a mathematical talent that placed well on college entrance exams. That path might have derailed before anyone could have known it earlier in his life when he was still trying to figure himself out. Young adolescence is a frightening time for most people, Franco was no exception. During Franco’s time in high school, he was arrested for underage drinking, graffiti, and stole fragrances from popular store chains. 

Without the mercy of the judge and court, Franco might have been pushed down a different road. With the mercy of the judge, Franco quickly rebounded. Although secretly he wanted to become an actor, his father felt differently. After one year of college, majoring in English, and the thoughts of being a marine biologist, Franco dropped out to become an actor. Due to his fathers disapproval and without the support monetarily or emotionally, Franco persevered by working at McDonald’s. Up until this point, Franco was a vegetarian… Not anymore.

Through his theatrical plights of recent, Franco would return to school in 2006 taking astronomical amounts of classes per quarter, for which we aren’t sure are entirely accurate. He would graduate with honors from UCLA with an English concentration. He would later move to New York City and attend Columbia University for an MFA in the writing program. Furthermore, he would attend Tisch School at NY University for filmmaking. His student accolades would shock anyone looking at his resume. At one time, Franco was attending 4 different schools accumulating different concentrations. Currently, he is a Ph.D candidate for English at Yale University.

James Franco is a man without words. He loves to learn, taking courses that expands his knowledge in the arts. Furthermore, of recent, people have found out that Franco is an avid painter. Actually, he has been painting longer than he has been acting. Franco is someone who is willing to do what it takes to be where he wants to be. He wants to continue to feed his hunger and thirst for knowledge in the fields he feels drawn.

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