Goodfellas Ray Liotta Worked At A Cemetery Before Film

Fact: Before mafia movie Goodfellas Ray Liotta, he found himself working at a cemetery during his time at University of Miami. It was during the time of his life where he was thinking about death very often and less about his sensational laugh.


goodfellas ray liotta


Ray Liotta is an actor known for playing characters with psychopathic tendencies. Even during the times he did play softer characters in films such as Field of Dreams (1989) with Kevin Costner and Operation Dumbo Drop (1995), there was still a feeling that something was smoldering inside of him.

Ray Liotta attended college at University of Miami, where he stated, “all you needed to get in was a pulse.” Liotta never got into the college thing and when he found out that he would have to take classes like math, he did something else. He saw the theatre school and took a chance there. He thought that he would have fun for a year.

Liotta would end up getting his first casting call three days after school in a commercial in Chicago that ended up never running. But during his time at the University of Miami he was a maintenance man at the local cemetery. He would cut the grass, set up ceremonies, and other types of jobs. He said, “It was a time in my life I was thinking about death. Who wasn’t scared to die?”



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