‘Draw Me Like One of Your French Models’ Facts About The Titanic

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Fact: James Cameron created the famous naked sketch of Rose that was supposedly drawn by Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

We all remember the steamy scene in Titanic Jack Dawson (Leonardo Di Caprio’s character) sketches the naked Rose (Kate Winslet’s character). Did you know that the beautiful sketch is actually the work of Titanic director James Cameron? All of the other sketches included in Dawson’s sketchbook are also the work of Cameron’s skillful hands. These hands are the ones featured sketching the body of naked Rose during the film itself.

To make the sketches authentic, Cameron added the initials of Di Caprio’s character and the correct date. This iconic Kate Winslet sketch was sold during an auction in 2011. The highest bid during a memorabilia auction for it reached 16,000 dollars. It’s not surprising that the bidding war reached such spectacular figures – after all, the sketch is pivotal for the development of the relationship in the titanic story between Jack and Rose.