Famous Action Film Star Dolph Lundgren Has IQ Of 160

Fact: Famous action movie star Dolph Lundgren has an incredible IQ of 160.

Many people tend to question the intelligence of rugged men participating in action movies. He is the man who kills such stereotypes. In Dolph Lundgren biography. his IQ actually proves that he is a real-life genius! An amazingly athletic performer, Lundgren also has IQ of 160! Just to put it into perspective – Einstein’s IQ was not too far above. It may also be interesting to point out that Marilyn Monroe’s IQ was 168. Maybe the time is right to put an end to jokes about blondes, as well.

Dolph Lundgren, the Ivan Drago actor from Rocky 4, speaks seven languages, some of which are Swedish, Spanish and even a bit of Japanese.

He also graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and his degree was in chemical engineering. Lundgren holds a number of academic scholarships and he has participated in programs designed by various universities in all parts of the world. Next time you watch an action movie, take a good look at the blonde, perfectly sculpted guy. Appearances do tend to be misleading!

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