The Airborne Toxic Event – How did They Achieve Their Name

Fact: The Airborne Toxic Event got its name from a novel entitled White Noise

The novel is about a college professor and his fourth wife, and they are experiencing the drudgery of everyday life. There is a toxic spill in their neighborhood, which makes them come to terms with mortality. The band’s name mirrors some of the life events of the lead singer. He also had to come to terms with morality.

The ATE is an US indie rock band that has a blended brand of alternative music due to the many instruments and genres in the band. The instruments include a keyboard, drums, electric bass guitar, tambourine and violin.

The band is known for creating a blend of orchestra and rock music. This is a huge difference from the regular music that fills the popular radio waves. Not just any rock band can call their gigs concerts and play with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra or the Louisville Orchestra.

Even the band’s musicians are an eclectic bunch of people. Mikel Jolliet used to write essays, but he is now the band’s main songwriter. Anna Bulbrook sings, plays the keyboard, violin and tambourine, but she has formal training in chamber music. Noah Harm plays guitar and has an extensive background in jazz.

As you can see, most people may have never heard of this band that tours all over the U.K, United States and Canada. But the band burns up the alternative music world.

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