No Cigarettes Were Smoked On Popular Period Drama ‘Mad Men’ TV Show

Fact: No actual cigarettes are smoked on Mad Men. While every character has cigarettes in their hand, none of the actors actually smoke. Instead, they puff on tobacco and nicotine free cigarettes called,

Ecstacy’s Herbal Cigarettes. And in total, the cast has smoked on a total of 942 cigarettes. Even on the big screen, the idea of smoking a real cigarette is not appealing, so it shouldn’t be in your life too. 

The hit television series had a major voice on its male and female viewers. More so, with over 200,000 female smokers set to die to related instances this year alone, the fictional writers of the ‘Mad Men’ on AMC were very cognizant of the real dangers surrounding cigarettes. The creators wanted to drive home the reality of smoke cessation and its very real ramifications.

So one of their main characters, Betty Draper got lung cancer from the years of constant smoking the upwards of 7000 compounds found in the burning and none burning of cigarettes. This is an example of society trying to move away from a smoke-driven world. Consequentially, even cannabis smokers should try to move away from traditional forms of inhalation. Using a vaporizer might even prove beneficial. 

With the Center of Disease Control working diligently with counter ads against smoking, Mad Men made a very large statement to the big tobacco industry with their feelings on cigarettes and the safety of their actors and workers.

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