George Eads Original Crime Scene Investigation Stars Clash

Fact: One of the original Crime Scene Investigation stars, George Eads, had to take a leave of absence in the popular, long-running TV series because he had a clash with the writer.

George Eads (CSI Nick Stokes) has just taken a leave of absence from the TV crime drama series after he had a fight with one of the writers. Eads still appeared in the first three Season 14 episodes. Then CSI Nick Stokes will leave for Quantico for an assignment. This will be mentioned by CSI Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) during the 300th episode on October 23. Because of the altercation, George Eads won’t be present in several episodes during the first part of Season 14.

The series co-writer , who was then eight months pregnant, argues with Eads about his character’s storyline. The boss of the series, Carol Medelsohn, called Eads on the carpet when she heard about what happened. Eads threatened that he would quit. After the discussion, Eads left with just a leave of absence.

Nick Stokes’ absence in the series will be explained by CSI Catherine Willows when she appears in the 300th episode. Catherine is an important character in the series’ history, that’s why she just has to be there. The 300th episode is considered a milestone for the series and for CBS. Flashbacks will be shown during that episode, honoring the entire 14 glorious years of Crime Scene Investigation.

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