50 Cent – Body Guard of Mike Tyson the Shooter Who Shot 50

Fact: The man who allegedly shot 50 Cents was also a friend and bodyguard for Mike Tyson.

Ironically, 50 Cents later purchased the Connecticut mansion that was once owned by Mike Tyson.

50 Cents lost a wisdom tooth and gained a swollen tongue as a result of this incident. In fact, parts of a bullet are still left in his tongue because removing them could cause more nerve damage. But the wound also left him with a slur, which gives him a recognizable sound as a rap music artist.

50 Cents grew up in a rough neighborhood and had to live with his grandparents when his mother died from a drug laced drink. This is when he took to the streets.

50 Cents is a drug dealer turned rapper who spent some time in a correctional boot camp, but he has a Grammy Award, three American Music Awards and many other recognition awards.

He was once a boxer when he was younger, but 50 Cents is now a licensed boxing promoter.

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