What Year Did Stan Lee Cameos Begin?

Fact: Stan Lee cameos stretch all the way back to 1989 when he makes his first appearance in ‘The Trials of The Incredible Hulk’ (1989).

Comic Book film adaptions seem to be the ‘in’ thing of the moment, and for good reason. Comic books always gave us an alternate take on reality that no one ever seemed to get right on film. However, starting with Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989, and now with the latest Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, comic book adaptations are now as much a part of mainstream culture as Coca Cola and The Kardashians. 

Those in the industry do like to pay homage to their roots, and the folks at marvel take it one step further by inviting Comic Book legend (and Marvel chairman) Stan Lee to cameo in every one of their films. Stan Lee has had cameo roles in Marvel films going all the way back to The Trial of the Incredible Hulk in 1989, and in newer films like the Iron Man Trilogy, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, and now in Guardians of The Galaxy.

Attentive moviegoers and comic book fans alike will spot Mr. Lee as the subject of Rocket Raccoon’s loathing on Xandar, as he hits on a pretty young woman.

You can be sure you’ll see Stan Lee cameos in all upcoming Marvel movies, and if you’re ever running a marathon through the back catalogue you’ll find him in every Marvel movie to date.

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