The Man Behind ‘The Worst TV Boss’ Gordon Ramsey

Fact: Gordon Ramsey was Named Worst TV Boss. But under the rough television exterior is a man yearning to see people succeed.

Chef Gordon Ramsey is well-known for his numerous reality culinary series like Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef and Kitchen Nightmares. The controversial chef is also popular for his quick temper and ability to come up with incredibly diversified curses that won him the Worst TV Boss nomination. MSN’s career list of worst television bosses was based on facts and opinions about each individual. Ramsey was the only non-fiction boss included in the list. The others personalities that made it in this ranking were Sam Malone from Cheers, Judge Judy, Simon Cowell from American Idol and America’s Next Top Model Tyra Banks.

According to the MSN article, Ramsey was well-known for his “unconventional” managerial style. His harsh criticism of contestants and the colorful language were both included in the reasons for his nomination. Ramsey responded by saying that his approach was much needed in such high stress situations and it was the one that could produce the desired response from the contestants or the participants in his reality television series. With all his restaurants in total, Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants has been given 15 Michelin stars.

But there is another side to the television Gordon Ramsey. While talking with FOX News, he stated “I think crying is important. Not crying, not showing that emotion, bottling it up can lead to dangerous things.” In fact, he was asked by Bon Appetit if anyone had ever made him cry in the kitchen, his response was

“My 13 year-old daughter, Matilda. Last week was the debut of her CBBC series, and she was crying because she didn’t think the burger looked as good as it should have. And I said, “That is absolutely ridiculous because it tastes amazing.” It’s a burger; they’re not supposed to look glamorous. That brought tears to my eyes; she cared so much about the burger and the garnish. It was a vegetarian burger; a big flat-cap mushroom burger stuffed with cheese, and the camera caught it the wrong way, and she was mortified. For anyone to be that precious at 13 about food…I was very proud of her.”

In 2015, Gordon Ramsay was contacted on Reddit by a struggling chef who was about to call it quits. Ramsay responds and this is what he had to say. Here is the full story at Business Insider.

Although Gordon Ramsay portrays this evil and vial personality, it mainly comes from a place that deeply cares for the contestants well being as an up and coming chef. He wants to see the same drive and hunger that he does. Not everything you might see on television might be legit. Reserve your opinions until you learn a little more.


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