The Film Frozen Released Best Selling Soundtrack Music All Time

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Fact: The full musical film frozen was not only a hit Disney movie. The complete frozen soundtrack songs was one of the best selling music of all time.

If you’ve read the news, turned on the radio, or switched on the TV at any time over the past year you probably know a little bit about Disney’s Frozen movie. It also wouldn’t come as a surprise to find that parents have been showing their kids video for children to get some inspiration for a fancy dress party or to just keep them entertained on long journeys. Everyone has the Frozen fever. There’s really no escaping it! But when it comes to actually being able to watch it, it’s currently in that invisible stage between no longer being shown in movie theatres, and not yet being released on streaming services. So, if you are trying to find it, try Pirates Bay first which might have some torrents for it.

Disney’s 53rd animated feature carried on the strong tradition of incorporating beautiful animation with an instantly recognizable and hugely popular soundtrack. Frozen was the first film since 2012 to rank number one at both the box office, and on the Billboard charts with the Frozen official soundtrack online. The popularity of the soundtrack was boosted immensely by the hit frozen song Let It Go.

An even more impressive fact is that Frozen managed to knock Beyoncé off the top of the Billboard 200, and became only the fourth animated film in history to have a #1 chart slot. It also hit other impressive milestones on its way to the top spot by being the first to reach #10 since the film Cars 2006, before becoming the first to reach #4 since Pocahontas way back in 1995.

The soundtrack has been so popular that it sold over three million copies in the United States and totaled over four million with worldwide sales taken in to account and has over 3.7 million views on youtube. Not bad for what many would consider to be a “children’s” movie, and it just goes to show that musical feature films are still popular in an age associated with comic book remakes and zombie flicks.