Mickey Mouse Creator Walt Disney Suffered Phobia of Mice

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Fact: Walt Disney Mickey Mouse creator actually suffered from a mouse phobia.

The fact is quite difficult to prove but many of the people that knew Walt Disney provided some information about the fear. Shortly after his creation, Mickey Mouse carried the much more “masculine” name Mortimer. It was only after Disney’s wife interfered that Mortimer became the friendlier Mickey. Some claim that Disney created the friendly and always laughing Mickey in an attempt to help other phobia sufferers. He wanted to change the “image” of mice and bring an amicable character to life.

Disney was also the original voice of Mickey Mouse. From 1929 to 1946 he provided the original voices for both Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Only two other individuals have had the honor of giving Mickey its voice. These two people are Jim MacDonald, who voiced Mickey from 1946 to 1983, and Wayne Allwine who voiced Mickey in the years after 1983.