House Hunters On HGTV Is Not As Exciting As You Think

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Fact: If you’re a House Hunters on HGTV fan, you’ve probably wondered where they find enough stupid couples that would buy a home from only three options. Sorry to burst your vicarious bubble, but HGTV employs what they have dubbed “scripted reality”.

The couples are already in the process of closing on the home they select on the show!

So, why even bother with the other two houses? For one thing it allows the viewer an opportunity to weigh in on the decision making. Also, it wouldn’t be much of a TV show if there weren’t homes to tour or pros and cons to measure.

Not only are the house hunters not hunting houses, they must draw on latent acting skills to properly “wow” the granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Real house hunters are more interested in applying for credit and getting a mortgage than appearing in reality TV programs. See the top 3 places to find out your credit score here. With a good credit score, real house hunters will be able to access their own mortgage. Poor credit scores may lower the chances of being granted a mortgage, but there are ways around that. For example, some people might think about rebuilding their credit rating by using credit cards responsibly (more info here). After rebuilding a credit score, more mortgage options should be accessible, allowing real house hunters to find the house of their dreams.
When real house hunters do eventually find the house of their dreams, they’ll then be able to live happily in it for the rest of their lives. Buying a house is a big investment, however, it’s one that can sometimes be worth making. As people get older and start relying on their pension money, it must feel reassuring to know that your home can also be used as a means of accessing money quickly. By equity releasing the house, homeowners can gain access to money from their house. To learn more about this benefit of purchasing your dream home, visit the The Equity Release Experts today.

Then comes the big reveal, which is always, always identical. One person says, “I think we need to eliminate one.” A serious-pretend conversation follows where they discuss the good, bad and indifferences of the two remaining houses. In the make believe happy ending, the couple selects the home they are already buying. They kiss and call the realtor.

But, viewers get the warm fuzzies when they pick the right home. Is there really any harm done?

And what does the couple take away? Couples get $500 for participating in a segment of House Hunters. Heck, we figured they would at least score the down-payment!

All jokes aside though, there are actually some valuable lessons to take away from House Hunters. For example, in one episode, one of the realtors explained the benefits of investing in turnkey properties. Essentially, buying a turnkey property allows you to move in or rent the home in question straight away. You can find more information about turnkey real estate on roofstock.

Tempted to watch the show for yourself? House Hunters can be found on HGTV.