What Makes Ghost Adventures and Zak Bagans so Alluring?

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Fact: The Ghost Adventures Pre-show documentary won the 2006 Grand Jury Prize for best documentary.

Like many know, the Ghost Adventures crew guide has been criticized for their aggressive and confrontational tactics during investigations. Their reply was that they didn’t want to be known as aggressive or taunting, the methods are only used to provoke spirits that have been known to “attack” the living. Many fans of the show are females whom cannot get enough of the bagans and his muscular physique. 

Zak Bagans Book

Zac Bagans wrote a book that featured at no 18 on the New York Times Best Seller list called, “Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew.”


Zac Bagans also had to musical collaborations episode with “Lords of Acid” on a song “Paranormal Energy” and an album called “Necrofusion” with Praga Khan.

Groff befriended Bagans during Groff’s wedding in Las Vegas. Groff releases an album entitled “The Other Side.” The lyrics recall Groff’s spiritual journey. He also has a clothing line called, “Phantom Collection.”

Prior to working with Bagans and Groff, Goodwin was a camera operator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and several behind the scenes film premieres in Las Vegas.