George Clooney Literally Came Out Of The Closet

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Fact: George Clooney lived in the closet of a friends and rode a bicycle to auditions. He recalls sitting on the closet floor, totally broke; couldn’t afford to grab a burger with his buddies. When they offered to treat, Clooney’s pride wouldn’t allow him to accept charity

In George Clooney’s mid-twenties, he spent a few months on the floor of Matt Adler and Thom Mathews apartment closet floor. He stated that he had almost been there for approximately two years. He says in a full interview,

“I was in my mid twenties,” he says. “I¬†was making $7,000 a week. I’d been living in my buddy’s walk-in closet for almost two years and all of a sudden I could put together enough money for a year’s rent to get into this one-bed apartment. It was $400 a month. I was there for seven or eight years.” – Esquire

During the tough times Clooney found himself in, his friend Brad was there to help. Brad loaned him $100 and today Brad runs their production company. Even now, according to Clooney, he’s still repaying the debt. His modesty doesn’t end there. He says he is often given far too much credit for his years of supposed struggle.

“The truth is I was doing great, I was happy.”

He said he wasn’t even disheartened seeing actors of his age or younger become movie stars.

Later in life, it still comes back to remind him. He got so used to sleeping in solid darkness that he revealed to Mariella Frostup that he sometimes still reverts to the floor. Stating that the blinds didn’t protect outside light enough, so he would lay cushions and a duvet on the floor of his closet and go to sleep.