Calvin Harris – Behind all the new songs


Fact: Adam Richard Wiles, also known as Calvin Harris, has the highest most singles on top ten UK singles chart with nine hits, surpassing Michael Jackson.

Reportedly, Calvin Harris was the highest paid DJ in 2013, soaking up a wopping $46 million.

Calvin Harris was a major fan of football, his favorite footballer was Steve McManaman, but said he didn’t have the curly hair so he stuck to music. By 1999, he started dabbling into electronics. By the age of 21, he started making waves.

Like a true 21st-century boomer, Calvin Harris was discovered on myspace by Tommie Sunshine. He put tunes out on Sunshine’s label Xylophone Jones Recordings download.

In 2008, he claimed that his laptop had gotten stolen at Heathrow Airport as a ploy to buy more time for him to work on his album. His sound engineer claimed it was his idea, something we all now bless that he did.

Calvin Harris crashed the stage at the X Factor during the Jedward twins performance, later stating on The Chris Moyles Show that the was inspired to make a mockery of the show and that Simon Cowell has a stranglehold over the entire British music chart. He stated that at the end of the day, he was standing there with pineapple over his head. The Jedwards claimed they didn’t know who he was and that he was just trying to gain a little fame… Yes, because someone who is already famous and has millions of instagram followers needs to get famous off a couple of twins that are trying to become famous makes sense.

Harris backed out of the Katy Perry UK part of the California Dream Tour due to “production issues.” Something tells us those unnecessary things were said and hearts were broken. He states that there is no bad blood since and he is open to working with her.