Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has blown up in the past decade bringing a wide range of talented individuals to the floor. This page brings together not only the DJs that are hot, but DJs that have really made a change in the field. Furthermore, we look at influential musicians that have broadened what it was to be an electronic fan even 20 years ago. As EDM has become the new wave and genre of music for this generation, it’s important to spell out those who helped bring it to where it is now. There is so much talent out there, but this tries to open the door to musicians and the influences of wide range EDM. We aren’t placing a list on these individuals because they all bring a very rich and different sound to the stage. These artists are able to take what seems to be the complex and form melodies that boggle the mind, while others use simple catchy melodies, beats, and synthesizers to capture the imagination.

The first 5 of 10.

With that being said, Skrillex although young, might be one of the more influential musicians on the floor today. This is not just from his radical high frequency sounds, but his show appeal and low demeanor. He mixes the old and transforms the new and creates compositions that work in harmony. He has made compositions featuring some of the widest talent out there including: Ellie Goulding, Atreyu, Method of Mayhem, Korn, and especially, The Doors. There have been talks of him possibly covering The Rolling Stones. Sonny John Moore, known as Skrillex, is a 26 year old music phenom.

Daft Punk is a french electronic group consisting of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. They are well known for wearing futuristic Mortal Combat type helmets on stage when presenting. They were one of the first EDM groups to use a physical prop to mask their “identities.” They have been active since the early 90s and aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon. They are well known for the compositions that consist of synthpop and house. They are on our top 10 because they were one of the original groups to use visual and story components with there music.

Although there have been many influences, one cannot help but place Calvin Harris in the mix. From a very young age, he has been in music. From the UK, he not only writes, he sings, and produces his own music. He has collaborated with the likes of Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, and Tinie Tempah to name just a few. Calvin Harris was born Adam Richard Wiles in Scotland. Why does he make it among the top? Because when you surpass Michael Jackson for the most top 10 singles on the hot 100 in 1 album…. basically that’s the reason.     

Although David Guetta has received some negative media recently for him not playing at live events, it’s still hard not to place someone so influential in the growth of the EDM world. He has been in the game pretty much longer than anyone and has the most collaborations. He has been active since the mid 80s and has produced some great music like ‘When love takes over.’ He has written music that has been in many movies including: Fast and Furious. His influence spans to all the other artists that have made their successes today.

In the last mention of the first post, Deadmau5 has been “active” since 1995. Born Joel Thomas Zimmerman, he has become extremely popular with the use of a helmet prop. The prop is a head of a dead mouse (it is not real for those who are not smart enough to make that connection). He has collaborated with the likes of Wolfgang, Pendulum, and Rob Swire from Knife Party. He is especially well known for the variety of wide house music and presented on Armin Van Buuren, who will make it on the top 10.